Monday, May 11, 2009

Do You Know About GMO's?

Here's another food topic that caught my interest - GMO's.

GMO means "genetically modified organism", and it refers to an organism which has had its genetic material altered by genetic engineering. The largest application for this technology is in our food supply...many crops are grown which contain genetic modifications to make the plants resistant to herbicides and to make them produce pesticidal proteins.

The use of GMO's in our food chain is very controversial. Some say they're safe and others say they're not. The interesting thing is that the U.S. does not require labeling of any food products which are GMO's, so it's difficult to know what you are eating.

If I have a choice, I'd rather eat something that has not been genetically modified...many non-GMO's are labelled as such, but they can be hard to find. Health food stores, such as Whole Foods, and the "green" section of your local supermarkets, would be good places to look for non-GMO foods. For example, my Publix has a great buttery spread called "Earth Balance", which labels itself as non-GMO. Also, if you have a garden, be sure to shop for non-GMO seeds to make sure you know what you're growing.


  1. Great info Cellchic! I sure wish more people would start looking into the foods we eat. We try to eat as much organic in our house as we can, but it can be very hard.

  2. Yes, we are very worried about GMO's. It is getting harder and harder to find seeds that aren't genetically modified to plant in the garden! We also try to eat as many organics as possible but it is expensive. I'm very thankful for having a Whole Foods Market nearby in my town.

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