Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oreo, the floppy-earred chihuahua

Meet Oreo, sometimes known as O-dog, our chihuahua. She's only about 6-1/2; don't let the white face fool you. She's just prematurely gray. She's quite special - for instance, she does a very convincing imitation of roadkill, as you can see.

She also has floppy-ears, which takes the edge off the chihuahua look, and we find it very endearing. When she was a puppy, they told us the ears would eventually stand up, and for a while, the fold in each ear worked it's way up, until there was just a little flap folded over at the top. Then, it was like the effort was just too much, and both ears flopped over big-time and have been that way ever since.

In the past couple of years, she has developed an interesting tongue feature - it often hangs WAY out the left side of her mouth when her mouth is closed, even when she's sleeping.

She's extremely friendly, which surprises people who think chihuahuas are mean. The only time she's gets testy is when the other pets crowd her at her food dish or on the sofa... I totally understand; I'm the same way myself :o)

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