Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things I Learned Last Week

I learned a few interesting things last week I thought I would share:

1) Don't trust a Garmin when you are driving around Clearwater, FL...the roads are all smushed together and Lola (our name for our Garmin) really can't tell if we're on Hwy 19, a frontage road, or a SuperTarget parking lot. Hopefully your Garmin will get you in the vicinity; then you'll have to follow your nose and get really good at doing U-turns.

2) You can't really MAKE anyone else do anything that they really don't want to do. Well, that's really all I can say about that!

3) When your cat hides just before you leave for a car trip, think of the last place you would look for her, and then go look there first. Take reinforcements with you to help drag her out of her hiding place.

4) No matter how hard you try to pack everything you need, you will end up making a run to the SuperWalMart at 3 a.m.

5) Some people have small children at the SuperWalMart at 3 a.m.

6) A good night's sleep makes everything seem better :o)

7) Checking your Etsy shop 50 times a day will not help anything sell.


  1. That kitten is so cute!

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  2. So funny! #7 applies to me as well......