Saturday, August 8, 2009

Honeymoon Island

Yesterday K. and I went out around 6-ish to check out a new beach at Honeymoon Island State Park. We had heard that it had excellent shelling and that's really my favorite part of being at the beach.

We arrived well equipped - we had masks and snorkels, and round floats, plus shell bags. Our plan was to don masks and snorkels and drape ourselves over the floats with our faces down in the water, leisuring searching for shells. After a short while of doing this, I started to feel distinctly ICKY. At first, I thought maybe the taste of the new snorkel was bugging me, or the scent of the new mask on my face, or maybe the odd sulfurish smell at the beach. I eventually realized that I was feeling seasick from all the bobbing up and down in the waves! What a wuss!

After sitting upright for a little while, the feeling passed, and we did find some nice shells. A thunderstorm ran us off the beach after about an hour, but I wouldn't mind going back again, maybe with some Dramamine in my system :o)

Listed some new items recently in my shop:

This is a brand new "effect" from Swarovski called Red Magma. Supposedly an "effect" is different from a "finish" or a new crystal color. An effect is somehow built into the crystal, where a finish is basically a coating applied on top. Red Magma is a neat, reddish orange color with a highly reflective surface.

This is a peridot nugget phone charm. Peridot is a kind of olivine, and is also the birthstone of August. It's a lovely, glassy green gemstone.

Oh, and last thing, one of my items made the front page on Etsy on Thursday - in the Etsy world, that's a big deal, and a lot of free publicity. Go to and click on "search for member" and type in "cellchic". It will pull up the list I was in - see if you can guess which one is my item :o)

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