Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lucky Me

Lucky me! I received an expresso/cappucino maker for Christmas. It actually was an effort to economize, since I discovered hot lattes at the drive-thrus at Mickey D's and Dunkin' Donuts, and had to have one almost every time I drove past.

Now I get to have a luscious latte anytime I want - and I get to enjoy looking at it all pretty in one of my glass mugs, instead of hidden in a styrofoam cup with a snap-on lid!

The only thing I need to do is get the hang of that little frothing thing on the side - I swear I look like that Bounty commercial of the couple and the mess they make with their cappucino maker - only 10 times worse. I did discover that if I don't clean it immediately after steaming the milk, it will suck up an entire cup of water, and you will sit there for 30 minutes waiting for the steam to run out!!

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