Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!!

Just returned to our snug camper with a popcorn shrimp basket from DQ - I originally headed there craving a chili cheese hot dog, but opted for the shrimp at the last minute...maybe it's a teenier bit of a healthy choice.

Glad to have the holidays over, and get back to "normal" - as normal as you can be in a 5th wheel with 3 people, 4 dogs, a cat, a guinea pig and 2 robo hamsters. It is so COLD here in Largo - today is in the 40's...I know that sounds whiny to a lot of people in colder climes, but this is FLORIDA!!! Your blood gets thin after being here a while.

Did a fun craft show last Saturday - the Ybor City Saturday Market. I've signed up to do the first Saturday each month. A lovely lady who is the daughter of a classmate of my Dad's came by the booth - Dad had sent her some Vallagret cheese from Miss. State. He gives them out to family at Christmas and had an extra that he wanted her to have. We had a nice chat - she enjoyed telling me a story about how, not long before her mom died, her mom and aunt were on speaker phone with my dad...she said the two little old ladies sounded like they were fussing over which one my dad belonged to. Nice lady - she also purchased the first phone charm of the day.

Donna (left) and Bonnie say "Cheese" - Vallagret Cheese, that is.

Listed my latest phone charm - a Finesse Tech Deck skateboard, which can be removed from the cell phone, played with, and put back on. Skateboard fanatics would LOVE this.

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