Sunday, November 22, 2009

What I'll miss most about this house

Well, the time has finally arrived - packers were here all day today, putting all our belongings into boxes. It's been a long time since we've been through this process - over 10 years - but it's got an all-too-familiar feel to it!

It's bittersweet to have it FINALLY sink in that we are moving. 10 years in this house is a lifetime record for me. It's been great, but I'm ready to move on with our lives in Clearwater. However, there are several things I'll miss a lot about this house:

1) All the ROOM! It was more than we needed, but it sure was great to have it.

2) The layout of the house was perfect for us. We designed it, we built it, and it was a custom fit.

3) My grandma's tea roses - I have a huge bush growing on a trellis by our fence. I started mine from a clipping from my sister, who got HER bush from a clipping from grandma's house. Grandma and her homestead are long gone, but the tea roses are a lovely reminder. I'm going to try to get a clipping to take with us.

4) Our nice, fenced backyard. Leash-walking 4 hounds daily is definitely a lot more work than turning them out into the backyard!

It's been a lovely home, but I know that we will take the next one, and make it a lovely home, too. After all, I have with me my hubby and daughter, and that's what makes a place a lovely home to me.

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  1. I hope everything goes very smooth on the moving in side for you all!