Monday, June 22, 2009

I Love My Beading Bowl

I have a new addition to my beading supplies that I really love - a beading bowl! Actually it was an experiment of my husband's to do something he'd always want to do - turn a bowl on his lathe. He got a 2x10 piece of pine and puttered around one day and created this shallow bowl. I loved the grain of the wood and shape of the bowl, so I put it out on our coffee table.

As with many things in our house, it shared the coffee table with my current beading project. One day when I didn't have an available bead board for a project, I dumped all my supplies into the bowl and went to work. Now I have totally claimed the bowl as one of my beading accessories. It's great for making phone charms, since they're small and don't have to be laid out like a bracelet or necklace.

Here are the latest phone charms I've made, using my Rings and Things shopping spree and my pretty bead bowl, of course :o)

Faceted Carnelian and Rhodonite Puffed Ovals

Leopardskin Jasper and Swarovski

Faceted Fiber Optic Beads


  1. Oh, how beautiful! He did a really great job on the bowl!

  2. Great bowl, it'll help you display those great phone charms! :)


  3. That bowl is lovely! He should sell those!