Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rings-n-Things Bead Tour

Last Wednesday was SUCH a fun afternoon...Rings-n-Things brought their annual Bead Tour into town. They had a room set up with tables and tables full of the most wonderful beads. Most prices were half of the tag price minus 15%...and the REALLY fun part was that I had a $100 gift certificate to spend - I had gotten it for winning 3rd prize in CraftyNation's recent Craft-off Contest. It was such a blast deciding what to get :o) So thank you, CraftyNation, for sponsoring the contest, and thank you, Rings-n-Things for providing such a great prize. And especially thank you to the people who voted for my project! Here are a couple of pictures of my Rings-n-Things loot - these are gonna make some great phone charms!


  1. nice choices! and congrats on winning the contest!

  2. Some great patterned beads there! Glad you had fun at our bead show! :)